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White Hat SEO Tactics That Will Kick Start Your Marketing Efforts in 2017

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Do you want to increase the number of visitors or clients who view your blog or website? Did you know that by employing effective SEO techniques have so many benefits to your business? One of the major benefit of SEO is that it increases the site traffic by creating keywords that are easily seen by the search engines. It also offers a good return on investment as many visitors who view your site later become customers leading to increased sales. It also enhances site usability to end users who view your site and promotes brand awareness. This article will offer all the information about the 7 white hat SEO techniques that you can use to double your traffic in 2017 offered by Virginia SEO.

The white hat SEO techniques to double your traffic in 2017

How did you site rank in the search engines on 2016? Do you want to attract twice the number of visitors who viewed your page in 2016? If you are looking for ways of increasing your traffic in 2017,then this article is designed to help you achieve your traffic goals.

Google has thousands of signals that are used to determine where a page ranks in every search. Most websites that have succeeded in terms of traffic have understood the factors that matter most in ranking their pages and optimized accordingly. This article will provide details about the white hat Virginia SEO techniques that you can use to double your traffic in 2017 are discussed below.

Emphasize more on the user Experience

Webmasters are always encouraged by Google to make user experience their ultimate focus. Websites that provide good user experience are ranked higher by the Google algorithm. It is good to note here that good user experience is beyond writing clearly.

According to a recent study by the Oxford Journal, websites that have good user experience provided customer satisfaction and increased their loyalty to the business. To create website that have good user experience, it is crucial to determine the intention of the user. The next step is to come up with methodologies that enhance smooth navigation of your site by the end users.

It is easy to incorporate good user experience on our websites or blogs.

Keyword Research

If you want to succeed and double you’re traffic in 2017, keyword research is crucial. Currently Google is providing less keywords but Ahrefs and Moz, the largest providers of SEO analytics have decided to fill this gap. Rank Brain has changed the way we go about using the keyword research results. The new ranking feature will allow Google to place things in the right context rather than depending on metadata strings.

The new keyword tool creates keyword groups and parent topics. Users can use this information to develop content that incorporates suitable phrases. This makes the users to avoid stuffing the whole website with the Keyword.

Develop a Unique marketing strategy than your competitors

If you want to double your traffic, then you need to develop a marketing strategy that is unique than that of your competitor. Content is one of ranking factors when using the Google algorithm then having good highly informative content is a sure way of doubling your traffic. SEO services in Virginia develops unique marketing strategies that outlasts all your competitors.

Embrace the Mobile First approach

Google has given a notice to all webmasters whose sites are not easily accessible on mobile phones that they may not rank higher as they used to do in the past before January 10,2017. This calls on webmasters or bloggers to develop pages that are mobile friendly to increase their rank on the search engines. If you are in doubt whether you site is compliant on this new regulation, you can login to the search console account and get the usability report of your site on various mobile devices. After reporting the issues, then Google takes appropriate actions.

Link Building

Having the right kind of links, will eventually make your rank higher than the rest which does not have links. It is good to include links that have relevant information with regard to your site. If you want to earn links, then it is highly advisable for you to build a resource center.

Bigshot Networking Opportunities to Grow your Business

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Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about networking as well as different ways to market your company and get more clients. While will be updating this website at least once per week to keep the content fresh and relevant. One of the topics we will be discussing is SEO and how is can catapult your earnings and get your business to the next level. We have several SEO experts on staff have been in the business for many years who are going to be contributing to your discussions. Bookmark this site and come back often because you do not want to miss this.